Want to work for the Ascension Island Government? 

Charlie Henning, Assistant Director of HR

I have heard many explanations from candidates as to why they are applying for a role with the Ascension Island Government. Some went to school here as children when their parents worked for the BBC, whilst others have a passion for the ocean or the outdoors. Whatever your reason for considering a move here, we are always keen to attract talented individuals to come and join our island community.

Life on Ascension can be challenging and as all AIG employees are all employed on two year contracts, turnover of staff is regular. Some live and work here for decades whilst others will complete a two year contract and leave. This means that we almost always have vacancies advertised and so it’s recommended that you regularly check our website for vacant positions that may match your experience and expertise.

If we currently don’t have a vacancy that matches your skill set we are happy to receive a covering letter and CV to recruitment@ascension.gov.ac and we will contact you if a suitable vacancy arises.

The recruitment process

Our recruitment process is always open, transparent and fair with the overarching aim being to attract and recruit the best possible person for the job. The application process will involve completing a short online application form and attaching a covering letter and CV. My advice to anyone applying would be to demonstrate their motivation for wanting to work on Ascension, as well as highlighting how their skills, knowledge and experience will enable them to succeed in the role.

Applications are then shortlisted by HR and hiring managers to select a number of suitable candidates for interview. On some occasions we may also ask applicants to complete a task at this stage, which will be used alongside the interview to determine a candidate’s suitability.

Interviews will normally take place via Skype, however internet connectivity issues can sometimes mean that we have to resort to a conference call style interview over the phone.  The interview panel will normally consist of a member of HR, the vacant position’s line manager and a manager or Director from the Directorate that is recruiting. The aim of the interview is to explore your experience and knowledge, so the majority of questions are competency based and will ask you to provide an example of “a time you have…”.

There will also be questions to explore why you are seeking to work on Ascension as well as what you hope to achieve whilst you are here. As we are such a small but vibrant community we tend to actively look for people to contribute to public life on the island.

Sometimes the panel manage to interview all of the candidates in one day although this is not always possible. We will always inform you as to when we believe we will have reached a decision about the position and we will contact candidates as soon as possible to inform them of the outcome. We understand that this wait can be nerve-wracking but please do bear with us.

All offers of employment are made subject to the successful completion of our pre-employment checks. This process involves a medical check with your GP, references from previous employers and a basic or enhanced criminal records check (dependent upon the role you are being offered). Only once all of these checks have been completed, and found to be satisfactory, an unconditional offer of employment will be made. Once this has been offered the process of issuing contracts and planning for your move here may begin.

As you may expect arrival on Ascension following an offer of employment doesn’t happen overnight but we remain flexible to assist and guide people through this process.

I hope that you have found the above useful in your considerations for applying for a role with the Ascension Island Government. Should you have any questions about our recruitment process that have not been answered in this blog, please do email recruitment@ascension.gov.ac.