Below you will find short posts covering matter related to AIG, the Island Council of Ascension, life on Ascension and the history of the island. 

My first month on Ascension 07/12/2018

My first month on Ascension Vicky Knight, Terrestrial Conservation Officer and Park Warden  The Dilemma My dilemma; leaving a permanent conservation role in the UK to work on Ascension Island for two years.  This was by no means an easy decision for me to make.  I loved my last job.… Read more

Tracking brown boobies and Ascension frigatebirds 23/11/2018

Tracking brown boobies and Ascension frigatebirds Tess Handby and Beth Clark, University of Exeter  For five weeks in September and October 2018, we visited Ascension to study the foraging behaviour of brown boobies and Ascension frigatebirds on the Letterbox peninsula. These seabirds were once isolated on cliffs, stacks and Boatswain… Read more

Ascension – A Diver’s Paradise 20/11/2018

Ascension – A Diver’s Paradise  Daniel Sadd, Fisheries Officer and PADI Instructor With its blend of volcanic landscapes, rich fauna from both tropic and temperate regions, combined with the impression that you are the first to discover its many dive sites, diving in Ascension is like nowhere else. While it… Read more

Want to work for AIG? 20/10/2018

Want to work for the Ascension Island Government?  Charlie Henning, Assistant Director of HR I have heard many explanations from candidates as to why they are applying for a role with the Ascension Island Government. Some went to school here as children when their parents worked for the BBC, whilst… Read more

A year on green mountain 04/04/2018

A year on Green Mountain Matt Stritch, assistant park warden The last year has seen a vast improvement to the path network of the Green Mountain National Park. As the island’s only National Park it is vital that this area is properly cared for and maintained year round to allow visitors… Read more

Life as a turtle intern 26/02/2018

Life as a turtle intern  2017 Turtle Intern Team  Turtle conservation is a huge part of Ascension culture and the Marine Turtle Internship brings a new group of interns to Ascension to work on monitoring the green turtle population. 2017 has been a special season as it signifies the five… Read more