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The Conservation Department works to conserve Ascension’s natural heritage by implementing the Government’s commitments under the Ascension Environment Charter, with actions detailed in the Island’s National Biodiversity Action Plan.


The Conservation Department was set up in 2001 when a Conservation Officer was recruited as part of the Seabird Restoration Project. Staff numbers have increased since then and there are now eleven full time staff employed both by the Government and by project grants from e.g. the Darwin Initiative, OTEP and JNCC. The full time team is also supported by volunteers who kindly give up their time to assist with practical conservation work, and other scientists such as MSc students that carry out their research projects in the department.

For more information about some of our past, present and aspirations for future projects, please see here. Also, find out more about our work to safeguard Ascension’s unique biodiversity in this short documentary produced by Bryony Stokes and funded by the Darwin Initiative:

Conservation Staff

  • Head of Conservation – Dr Nicola Weber
  • Chief Scientist – Dr Sam Weber
  • Director of Fisheries – Dr Judith Brown
  • Green Mountain National Park Warden & Conservation Development Officer – Stedson Stroud MBE
  • Assistant Conservation Officer – Jolene Sim
  • Conservation Assistant – Natasha Williams
  • Seabird Conservation Scientist – Dr Eliza Leat
  • Conservation Fieldworker – Kenickie Andrews
  • Senior Marine Fisheries Scientist – Andy Richardson
  • Marine Fisheries Scientist – Kate Downes
  • Marine Fisheries Scientist – Emma Nolan
  • Conservation Trainees – Megan Benjamin and Scott Duncan
  • Tourism Officer – Andy McKay
  • AIG Marketing Officer – Rachel Holland




We currently collaborate with various local, regional and international organisations:





SA Group Shot

The AIG Conservation Team with some of our collaborators from the UK, St Helena and the Falkland Islands at the 2013 South Atlantic Protected Areas Workshop, held on Ascension Island.


We are always looking to develop new partnerships to further the practical conservation and research work that we carry out on Ascension Island. If you are interested in carrying out a collaborative project with our team then please feel free to get in touch (conservationenquiries@ascension.gov.ac). Details about our Environment Research Permit and a guide for researchers can be found here.

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